While technology is great, there is nothing as productive as writing a to do list and crossing tasks off!


    As a professional organizer and social worker, I get asked all the time about the best way to plan your day and get things done.


    I have been on a search for the perfect product for years. After test driving many apps and just about every planner and notepad on the market, I have created my own.  I hope you love it as much as I do!


    What is special about this daily notepad:

    To make things more efficient, we break all of your tasks into 6 easy to view categories:


    Menu: What are you making for your family for dinner that night.

    (This section could also be used for health planning, such as workouts, vitamins, medicines, etc)


    Appointments: List your appointments for the day, in chronological order.


    Online tasks: Anything that you need to get done online. The reason these tasks are grouped together is to minimize time wasting online, as we all know how addictive online browsing could be and how quickly time gets away from us without us realizing it when we are using the computer. This area definitely includes emails as well.  It can be used for both work and home activities, as is with every category.


    Errands: Everywhere you need to go that day.


    Calls: This includes anyone you need to get in touch with, including texting. 


    Home tasks: Tasks that need to be done at home, this is a general category and a catch-all for items that don't fit into other areas.


    Use one page per day. The ideal way to do this is to make a game plan the night before. If you plan on shopping that day, you can write the shopping list on the back of the sheet.


    No more carrying a heavy planner around with you. And no more having a list on your phone, where you can get side-tracked by social media and other distractions.


    One last tip - if something on your list is an absolute must, highlight it to draw your attention to it!


    Happy Planning!




    Approx. 50 pages

    Daily Productivity Notepad