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What our organizing clients are saying:

For many years my experience with organizing closets and workspaces was that it looks great for a week and then back to square one shortly after.   This changed when I hired Elisheva to help me organize a number of bedrooms in my house.  The bedrooms looked great for a week and still do many months after.   Pesach cleaning was a breeze this year.  My children can’t believe that their closets can look the way they do on a regular basis. 


Elisheva is passionate about what she does and creates a fully functional organization system that’s simple and logical for adults and kids to upkeep.   Additionally, working with Elisheva provided me and my older children education on basic principles of organization.  It not only helped us experience the peace of mind and sanity of functioning in a well-planned space – it taught us how to recreate this space when things get out of hand.


I highly recommend Let it Go Consulting for any organization needs – it is truly a gift that keeps on  giving!

- Rivkah S.

Elisheva was a true pleasure to work with. She had wonderful ideas, worked quickly, and really made amazing use of my space. I am so happy every time I look at the closet she helped me with. I am looking forward to using her services in the future!

- Naomi Z.

Elisheva makes organizing my cluttered house pleasurable and rewarding! She is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her.

- Lisa F.

I had the best experience working with Elisheva.  Not only does she walk you through the process of organizing, she’s with you every step of the way.  She gives pointers and makes the whole process more efficient.  And best of all, takes the unwanted items away. Amazing. Highly recommend.

- Sarah K.

Working with Elisheva has been life changing. She saw my vision and helped me keep an organized home long term. No job was too big or too small.

 - Beth Z.

I highly recommend Elisheva for organizing and supporting general mental health and wellness. I've been personally working with for the past couple of months on organizing my home (getting rid of clutter, kids stuff, papers, kitchen, closets, etc.) and I feel like a stronger, happier, and better person as a result of our work together. My home has been transformed, as has my and my family's well-being. Elisheva is also a licensed social worker on top of her professional organizing abilities, which is quite a powerful combination, in my opinion. My mental health has improved significantly over the time we've worked together, as we know that our external lives affect our internal states, and she really is great to work with from a therapeutic perspective on top of the organizing help - very validating, normalizing, and empowering. I myself am a licensed mental health professional, and I can tell how Elisheva weaves her therapeutic background and nonjudgmental, empowering stance into her organizing work. I've recommended her to my own therapy clients, and even to my therapist colleagues as a resource. If you're considering whether she is worth the cost, the answer is undoubtedly yes. 

- Shira G.

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