Empowering women to feel great about themselves, their home and their relationships through organization and letting go of stress and things that hold them back.

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I highly recommend Elisheva for organizing and supporting general mental health and wellness. I've been personally working with for the past couple of months on organizing my home (getting rid of clutter, kids stuff, papers, kitchen, closets, etc.) and I feel like a stronger, happier, and better person as a result of our work together.


My home has been transformed, as has my and my family's well-being. Elisheva is also a licensed social worker on top of her professional organizing abilities, which is quite a powerful combination, in my opinion. My mental health has improved significantly over the time we've worked together, as we know that our external lives affect our internal states, and she really is great to work with from a therapeutic perspective on top of the organizing help - very validating, normalizing, and empowering. I myself am a licensed mental health professional, and I can tell how Elisheva weaves her therapeutic background and nonjudgmental, empowering stance into her organizing work.


I've recommended her to my own therapy clients, and even to my therapist colleagues as a resource. If you're considering whether she is worth the cost, the answer is undoubtedly yes. 

Shira G.




When I could not find a product on the market that did what I wanted it to, I created it! Here are some of what my clients love about it:


"I  can't believe something so simple and inexpensive can be so transformational!"

"I now have a clear game plan and get so much more done in my day!"

"If I don't use it one day, there is no waste, like there is with a full planner. The pages are not pre-dated."


"I am no longer carrying around a heavy planner. And I don't like to have lists on my phone - then I get side tracked by everything else on there, like texts and social media!"

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