Elisheva (Julia) Vladimirskiy, LCSW

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved organizing! But I never dreamed that something I loved so much could possibly lead to a career. 



With an undergraduate degree in Business and IT and with a Masters of Social Work, I bring a lot to the table. And everything I learned along the way is enhancing my practice.


Many people ask me if I use my social work skills when I organize. Without a doubt, my mental health training has always enhanced the client experience - I am able to deal with whatever comes up when we organize.


There are many professional organizers, but few have a background in social work or any kind of mental health training.  I am able to provide an atmosphere of non-judgmental acceptance and comfort during this process, something that some clients need more of than others.


It is evident that helping people declutter their spaces improves their mental health and I utilize my background in social work to help make a difference in the lives of my clients.


Additionally, being a social worker comes with ethics and guidelines, such as a strong focus on confidentiality and “meeting the client where they are” and going at their pace. Downsizing or dealing with organizing or disposing of a loved ones’ processions after their passing can be a deeply emotional and difficult process. Then our work can turn into a therapeutic process as we organize.

A job cannot be too big or too little - there is so much to gain when you organize.

It creates an atmosphere of calm and peace in the home and all members of the family benefit.


In my private life, I am a wife to a wonderful man and a mother to 3 amazing kids. I live in Chicago and most of my clients are local, but I can work long distance as well.