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While technology is great, there is nothing as productive as writing a to do list and crossing tasks off!


As a therapist and a professional organizer, I get asked all the time about the best way to plan your day and get things done.  I have been on a search for the perfect product for years. After test driving many apps and just about every planner and notepad on the market, I have created my own. I hope you love it as much as I do!


Notes on getting the most from this product:


To make things more efficient, we break all of your tasks into easy-to-view categories:


Menu: What are you making for your family for dinner that night. Thinking about this the night before or even in the morning reduces the last-minute stress and allows you to be more intentional with your day.



This section is there to list your workout plans, vitamins, medication and any other to-dos related to your health and fitness goals.


Must do: This is self-explanatory, of course. Also, if something is in this category, make sure it has a space in your schedule as well and pencil in important tasks into the right time segment of the day. This reduces your stress and allows you to be more realistic about matching your tasks to the time that you actually have.


Maybe later: These are the optional tasks, something you can attempt to do once the “must do” things are done. Breaking your tasks into these 2 categories allows you to prioritize your time.


Schedule: List your appointments for the day, in chronological order. 


No more carrying a heavy planner around with you. And no more having a list on your phone, where you can get side-tracked by social media and other distractions.


One last tip – once you finish filling out your daily plan, snap a picture of it with your phone! That way you have back up in case you lose it or forget it at home.


Happy Planning!




Approx. 50 pages






Productivity Notepad (Original)

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